public servant to equestrian coach

1984 Completed year 12 and joined the Public Service

1996 Sea Change

In 1996 I left a 12 year public service career to try my hand at running my own business based on a passion: horse riding.  So I set about training myself in the 3 disciplines required for my coaching qualification and by 1998 I was ready for the final exam.  And I have not looked back since, love, love, love what I do now.

1998 EA NCAS Level 1 (general) coaching qualification

In 1998 I became a fully accredited coach with Equestrian Australia and commenced building a freelance equestrian coaching business.  With lessons and holiday camps well established it was time to expand but I would need to increase my knowledge and skills.

2009 Bachelor of Equine Science

In 2004 I commenced a bachelor of Equine Science with Charles Sturt University studying part-time by distance education mode graduating in 2009.

The degree has not only achieved my initial goal of becoming a better coach through a deeper understanding of horses but has taught me how to:

  • keep up-to-date with current research, and therefore keep cients up-to-date;
  • decipher factual information from myth and common belief;
  • apply current research to the keeping and riding of pleasure and performance horses;
  • offer practical and sensible advice to clients about riding and horse care;
  • present information to clients in a very practical and efficient manner; and
  • thoroughly understand training principles in terms of equine behaviour and biomechanics.

Finally, I get my degree only to realise that this is simply the beginning of my quest to understand:

  • how horses work;
  • how they think;
  • how we can improve their welfare while meeting our needs; and
  • how to extend all of this knowledge to horse owners.

2010 and beyond

Equestrian coaching with a difference.  Specialising in equine behaviour and biomechanics offers clients a unique insight into the way they manage, handle and ride their horse.  This leads to the ultimate human/equine partnership at the same time achieving excellence in any chosen discipline.  I do this through a variety of vehicles including one to one coaching, group coaching, clinics and workshops.

Short-cuts can simply not be taken.  Aggressive and forceful equipment and training techniques simply do not work on these soft, gentle and forgiving creatures.  That's not to say that training is not frustrating and difficult at times but these are issues for the rider and must never become the problem of the horse.

Every issue can be resolved and behaviours such as rearing, bolting, bucking, pigrooting, biting and kicking do not need to be part of your partnership, ever!!