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Lessons by appointment due to holidays.

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Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th

Clicker Training clinic with Georgia Bruce

Georgia is an expert in positive reinforcement training for horses (and any other animal you can think of) and an inspirational coach. She will be coming to Canberra for a 2 day clinic open to all levels of people wanting to learn or develop their clicker training. The clinic is in a group format and a great way to kick your year off with some focused positive training for you and your horse as well as getting together with other like-minded people.

If you have not met or trained with Georgia yet I thoroughly recommend having a look at her website http://clickertraining.org
I have horses available if you would like to attend but don't have a horse to bring.  Cost is $300 for the 2 days.

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Lessons - Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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Lessons - Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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Sunday 11th and Monday 12th or Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th

Luke Thomas clinics

Following the inspirational Luke Thomas seminar in November we are very lucky to have Luke coming back to run a 2 day clinic.

Luke uses positive reinforcement training and as well as tricks he can ride his horses bridless and saddleless.  He is very focused on calmess and relaxation for amazing results.  

If you want to be amazing with your horse then this is a must do clinic. Even if you don't ride your horse anymore but still want to enjoy working with them Luke has so much to offer you.

This 2 day clinic will be run in a group format.  Cost is $350 for the two days.  

Here are some video links for a little inspiration:




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